Are we the crazy ones?


We got away this weekend, just the two of us (well the four of us counting the dogs).  It was good to just be able to sit and talk as husband and wife about our hopes and dreams and baby names.  We went to Island Beach State Park on Saturday morning and brought the dogs along for their first ever beach trip.  Patton loved splashing around in the water, but didn’t understand that he can’t drink it.  Hazel was a little overwhelmed and laid down in the shade behind our truck.  It was calm and peaceful and happy.  Saturday afternoon we ventured down to Atlantic City.  It’s a town that holds a special place in our hearts since we were engaged there on New Year’s Eve two years ago.  We don’t gamble, so our families find it funny that we love AC so much.  We spent about an hour on the beach and then changed in the parking garage and went to dinner at Lugo Italian and Village Whiskey for after dinner drinks at Revel.  It was nice to have a full day, uninterrupted.

The people watching in AC is top notch.   I think because we’re going through this struggle, we are more critical of people who just do not give a SHIT about their kids.  There was a girl about 4 years old who wandered out of the ocean, by herself, and couldn’t find her mom.  She was screaming “Mommy!” as she stumbled around trying to find her.  There were multiple incidents, with multiple families that left us wondering.  Is it us?  Are we the crazy ones?  Is it because we are shelling out $20,000+ to attempt to make a baby that we would be so much more careful with our children?  Are we just catching all these parents at the one time that their child wanders off?  I don’t know, but it had us scratching our heads.

We came home refreshed and recharged, ready to move forward.


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