Two Consenting Adults

Today we signed our lives away.  We consented to IVF, ICSI, PGD, Assisted Hatching, participating in a study and probably a few other things we don’t even realize.  We decided what to do in case of death, divorce or having our embryos frozen for over 10 years.  We had all of our questions answered.  This is it.  This is the last step before we start our IVF cycle.  We are hopeful.  We are trying to stay hopeful.  After our appointment we went to Target and wandered around the baby section pointing out things we I liked.

PreIVF 112


The plan is to go straight into our IVF cycle on Day 3 of my cycle, whenever that may be.  I need to call the pharmacy and ask them to hold off on sending anything to me until I call them on Day 1.  I’ll be visiting my doctor’s office an awful lot over the next month.  On the day of the embryo transfer I’ll have laser acupuncture before and after the procedure in hopes that helps me relax and creates a calmer environment in my uterus for implementation.  I was going to do acupuncture instead of anesthesia for the egg retrieval but apparently my left ovary is a shy bitch and is hanging out in an area not easily accessible so there would be more pain involved and therefore they must put me under.  Shit’s getting real.  Fingers crossed! Bring it on IVF – we’re ready for you!


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