Remember health class?


IVFDay2 112

Do you guys remember how in health class back in high school they made it seem as if even kissing someone of the opposite sex meant you’d end up knocked up and you’d become an outcast and everyone would hate you?  It turns out, babies aren’t all that easy to make.  I guess some people don’t struggle, but the majority of people I’ve talked with have not gotten pregnant on their first ‘try’.  Not everyone needs fertility treatments, but I do.  For me, to make a baby with my husband, I have to have 2 injections everyday, to start.  I’m glad to do it, really I am.  BUT, wouldn’t it be nice to make them the old fashioned way?  Having my husband stab me multiple times isn’t very romantic.  We’re making the best of it though.  I’m so lucky to be going through this with him by my side.

Today was easier than yesterday because I wasn’t as scared of the needles.  I’m not sure if we pushed the meds in too quickly or what but it stung and still stings a bit.  Earlier today I thought I felt some pain in my ovaries, but I’m probably just imagining that – which has been known to happen from time to time.  Picture that scene from The Switch where Jason Bateman explains what hypochondria is to Sebastian and he responds, “Oh my God.  I have that.”  So far no side effects.  I tried to drink more water today as I heard that can help.  I’m excited for my appointment on Friday. I don’t know that they expect to see anything happening just yet but I’m excited all the same.



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