3rd Day of Shots. What’s the Plan?



Tonight’s injection burned more than last nights.  It seems each injection is worse than the one before.  The end game is worth it.  I’ll do this as many times as I need to.  In the morning I have an ultrasound to check the progress.  We’ll see if anything is happening in there yet.  I feel bloated.  I also get little pains throughout the day in my ovaries but we’ll see whether I’m making that all up or not.

I found another blog discussing infertility, adoption and miracles called The Stroller Coaster.  Their dreams did come true, but not how and when they expected it.  Everything happens for a reason and in it’s own time.  This is a bittersweet realization.  We’ve invested in this IVF journey and we so badly want to be parents, but what if it’s not in the cards?  Does all the money and all the injections and really good doctors matter if it’s not meant to be?  I just have to have faith that this is our time.  Maybe I’ll feel better after the doctor tomorrow.

On a positive note,  our very good friends find out tomorrow if baby #2 is a girl or a boy.  I’m on team girl!!



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