Love. And Other Drugs

IVF Day 4.  TTC  Our Plans Have Changed

My appointment went well this morning.  As expected, they didn’t see any follicles yet but those follicles are coming!  My blood work showed that my levels are rising faster than expected so today’s Gonal-F dosage went down, as will tomorrow’s.  I have another ultrasound and some more blood work on Sunday morning.  We may or may not see follicles at that appointment.  For any none-trying-to-conceive readers, follicles are what my ovaries produce which house the eggs that will be ready for ovulation.  The goal is to have 10 follicles with one egg per follicle to retrieve.  Retrieval is typically scheduled around day 12.  While the above graphic shows day 4, that means day 4 of shots but it is actually day 6 of my cycle.  That means that projected retrieval date is 6 days away, or next Thursday!  It could change by a day or two either way so we have to keep checking. Tonights shots stung WAY less than the last two nights.  I tried to relax my stomach more tonight.   I think in previous nights I was tensing my ab muscles so much that it was pulling my stomach in and making it super tight (because I have abs of steel from all that exercise I get….).  That’s a joke.  I don’t know why I have abs of steel, I just do 😉

IVF Day 4-2 TTC Our Plans Have Changed Blog

I hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend.  I know I do!  I’ll be doing two newborn photo shoots tomorrow.   On Kyle’s side of the family, we recently welcomed two new babies and they’re both adorable and just begging to have their pictures taken so I’ll give them what they want.  I cannot wait to meet them both!  Also, my husband is downstairs right now painting the first wall in our house!!  We moved in over a year and a half ago now.  It was new construction so we had to wait a year for them to fix nail pops and what not, and if you know me personally, you know it actually took until last week to finish the nail pops, spackle(?) and paint touch ups to cover said pops.  We are starting with Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray.  The plan is for that color to cover the main part of the house including entry, kitchen, dining, living area and hallway that goes upstairs.  There are no cutoff points so we really can’t have more than one color.  However, if we think it’s too dark, we’ll have an accent wall in the dining room.  That is what he’s painting now.  We also bought Sherwin Williams Sea Salt to paint all three of our bathrooms.  There’s nothing like checking projects off your to-do list.

Also, congratulations to our very good friends for finding out that baby #2 is a BOY!  We love him already.


4 thoughts on “Love. And Other Drugs

  1. Hi Kristin! I’ve been on vacation and I’m just now catching up on your blog. I am so excited and hopeful for you. On a side note… I plan on painting my office Agreeable Gray and my guest bath is going to be Sea Salt. Great minds thing alike! 🙂


    1. Peggy – are you the same Peggy from my RMA Online Community group? That is so funny that you’ve chosen the same colors! So far Agreeable Gray looks amazing. It’s light but warms the rooms up just enough. I cannot wait for it all to be finished. We’re doing a lighter color in the bedrooms but I can’t remember the name of it.


  2. Hi Kristin- Yep. I am the same girl. 🙂 I am loving all of your posts! Good luck! Things sound like they are progressing really well.


  3. Peggy – that is so funny that we go to the same dr, live in the same area and chose the same colors. Small world! Things are going well. I’m excited! I hope things are going just as well for you.


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