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Today was our fifth night of shots.  One stung, one didn’t.  I can’t seem to figure out what makes some shots hurt and some not.  Tomorrow morning we have an appointment to check my progress via ultrasound and blood work.  I am hoping to see some follicles because I can definitely feel my ovaries getting larger.

My husband is in painter’s clothes because he has painted another wall in our house!  We’re using Harmony paint from Sherwin Williams which is safe for pregnant people, not that I am one yet.

I have changed my eating habits in preparation for our IVF cycle (mentioned in a previous post).  I have not had caffeine in about two weeks now, haven’t had a diet soda in a week and a half and haven’t had chewy,fruity or sour candy in weeks.  That is a big deal for me.  I love candy, a lot.  I’ve been eating the guacamole salads every day for lunch.  It was just during the week at first but I’ve started eating them on the weekends too.  Full disclosure here – I have had some peanut M&Ms, Dairy Queen (1 small blizzard that I ate over 2 days) and chocolate covered raisins which count as fruit in my book.  So I guess I’ve had a bit of caffeine in the chocolate I’ve eaten but it’s much less than my typical Diet Dr. Pepper.  We’ve been cooking at home just about every night so I can cut out butter to replace with olive oil.  I have also only been drinking water.  WATER, people.  I hate water.  I add lemon juice to it most of the time to make it taste better to me.  I’m hoping that with all of these changes, it’ll put me in a better position to have a successful IVF experience.

Kyle and I are both feeling really good about this whole thing today.  Positivity is filling our house.  Also, I got to hang out with babies so my day was pretty good!


2 thoughts on “Harmony

  1. Have you tried icing your belly before your shots? That may help with the sting, also if you inject the medicine slowly that may help a bit too. Love how positive you both are, I think it helps so much!!!


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