IVF Day 8 TTC Infertility www.ourplanshavechanged.wordpress.com Our Plans Have Changed

Well today we had 18 follicles!  Holy crap, right?!  We have 1 at 17, 2 at 15 and the others between 11-14mm.  My blood work showed that my progesterone is still rising, at 1.4 and counting.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.  We are only .2 away from having to switch to a freeze all cycle and I hate that.  I was wrong, which always never happens…  We are able to still participate in the study if our cycle is switched to a frozen cycle!  That’s really good news because we will still get ICSI and PGD covered.  I’m thinking tomorrow night we may do the trigger, but it may not be until Thursday.  So Friday or Saturday for retrieval then.  Fingers crossed.

If you can’t tell from the picture above, I’m wearing maternity pants (p.s.  excuse the boob hold, I’m trying to keep my shirt out of the way).  I have no shame, but seriously with 18 follicles hanging out in my ovaries it becomes really uncomfortable to wear pants that aren’t elastic at the top.  I wore them all day at work.  They’re quite comfy.  Lucky for me I bought nearly an entire maternity wardrobe recently as a positive affirmation that this will work.  Who knew they’d come in handy so quickly.


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