Lucky #22

Retrieval day - 22 eggs retrieved IVF TTC Our Plans Have Changed

I didn’t take many pictures today, so this one will have to suffice.  We woke up at 3:50am to get ready to leave.  We had to make the 1 hour trek to New Jersey for our retrieval.  When we arrived we checked in to the biggest waiting room I have ever seen.  There were SO many chairs and sofas.  We found these super comfy high back chairs to wait in.  We had blood work for the study we’re participating in.  They took me from Kyle to head down to the ‘recovery’ area.  Then Kyle rejoined me once he was done.  We were told the procedure and the trigger shots were all very time sensitive.  Our first lupron/novarel shots were at 7pm with the second lupron shot at 7am yesterday in anticipation of a 7am retrieval today.  Then, no anesthesiologist showed up…  to say I was angry was an understatement.  They called the doctor and found out that his paperwork said the first retrieval was at 8:30 and he wouldn’t be able to be there until at least 8.  No one came in to tell us anything, we just overheard all of this.  I was freaking out to say the least.  I was worried we might lose some eggs because if they get too big, we can’t use them.  Finally a bit after 8 the anesthesiologist showed up and I’m pretty sure he could tell I was pissed.  Oh well.  My IV was already in, and I was receiving fluid and antibiotics.  I went through so much fluid because they anticipated my operation to be at 7am not after 8am so they had to switch the bag.  We walked to the OR, the OR tech was very matter-of-fact, no nonsense.  She was just throwing my legs all around and yelled at me when I tried to put my other leg where it belonged.  Apparently she can only deal with one leg at a time.  Ooops.  The anesthesiologist didn’t even know the name of the doctor who would be performing the retrieval, which I thought was odd.  So I don’t know if they called an on-call anesthesiologist from a local hospital or what.  I was out pretty quickly and the procedure took only about 15 minutes.  They wheeled me back to the recovery area and I slowly woke up.   I was super shaky from the anesthesia and it made Kyle pretty upset.  I remember someone coming in and holding up a piece of paper that said “22” in sharpie.  They retrieved 22 eggs!  That’s great because at my last appointment we had 21 ready to go and 6 that needed to catch up.  Within a few minutes I got up to go to the bathroom and was released.  The drive home wasn’t horrible, but not great.  I wasn’t feeling all that well (I get nauseous with anesthesia) but we survived.  We came home, Kyle ran to the store for soup and gatorade, then we ate and napped.  I feel a bit crampy and bloated, but nothing I can’t handle with a little tylenol.  I am supposed to weigh myself every day to make sure I don’t gain over 2lbs in one day.

We will receive a call tomorrow letting us know how many of our eggs have fertilized via the ICSI process.  ICSI is when they inject Kyle’s sperm directly into each of my eggs.  Then on the 12th I will have more blood work to make sure everything is going as planned.  On the 13th I will receive a call letting me know the time of my transfer for Thursday morning.  The process is super quick, though it does require the hour long drive again.

The best news is, I shouldn’t need any more injections!  I’m on some pills now for the next 7 days and I’ll be using progesterone creams and suppositories (awesome, I know) but I think this is WAY better than getting shot in the ass every day for potentially 8+ weeks.

We are excited and hopeful.  Our babies will be made tonight and that’s a crazy feeling.


12 thoughts on “Lucky #22

  1. Wow, sounds like they really stressed you out, I don’t blame you one bit for being pissed. Hopefully they will redeem themselves with a successful transfer! Best of luck to you!


    1. Reece – they are progesterone suppositories and creams to keep my levels where they should be to sustain a pregnancy. Normally they recommend daily shots but because I respond so well to progesterone and have a good level normally the suppositories are sufficient. They come with little applicators almost like tampons only much smaller and dissolve on their own. So no sore, black and blue bum for me!


    1. Lindsey – I will keep you posted. We didn’t ‘need’ ICSI as it’s mostly used for male factor infertility but it was part of the study we are in and is the only way to do the PGD testing (select ccs) that is done by our office so we went for it. I believe ICSI is slightly (and I mean like 1%) less effective than the traditional fertilization way when there is no MFI. So we will see! Good luck on your cycle! Sending positive thoughts your way.


  2. 22 follicles! That’s incredible!!! I would have been so anxious about the time mix up but it sounds like you kept it together and everything obviously worked out fine for the retrieval! Can’t wait to hear your results!


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