Anxiously Awaiting Tomorrow

IVF Fresh Transfer Tomorrow - TTC Infertility Our Plans Have Changed Blog

This picture is from our rehearsal dinner in Jamaica.  Taken by the wonderfully talented, Lauren Fair.  We were so full of hope and happiness, just like tonight.  We had been trying for about 3 months at this point (sorry Mommom).  We assumed we just needed more time, but in the bottom of my heart, I always knew there was something more to it.  The day after our wedding we did a sunset catamaran cruise as a goodbye to all of our guests.  I didn’t go (though there are two pictures of me on the boat) because I was sick.  Everyone joked that I was pregnant and that Jamaica made a lovely name for a daughter.  Jamie for short.  Well that wasn’t the case, and now 10 months later we’re here about to do the last real step in our IVF process before everything is left up to chance, luck and faith.

I spent most of the day crying.  This morning I was upset, I don’t know why.  Then around 11:30 when the NJ office called to let me know what my instructions were for tomorrow, I cried and I could.not.stop.  My nurse from the PA office called, hoping that she beat the NJ office to the punch so she could give me the news, I cried again.  I was having a hard time responding to her on the phone.  She started to giggle at me as I was choking words out over tears.

I went onto the March of Dimes website and used their ‘due date calculator’ to estimate our due date.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, you’re considered ‘pregnant’ as of the first day of your last period.  The due date came up: May 4, 2015.  That’s Kyle’s birthday and he was pretty excited to find out and said it was meant to be.  I’m hoping and praying he’s right.

Tomorrow I’ll arrive in NJ at 5:30 am, again.  I’ll be doing laser acupuncture before the transfer, as it’s shown to lower stress and increase implantation.  My boss handed me an article from the Souderton Independent about harp therapy helping to lower stress for IVF patients.  It was ironic because my sister plays the harp and does or has done harp therapy.  Maybe I can create a pandora station.  I’ll find out right before the transfer whether we will be getting 1 or 2 embryo babies transferred. Thank you for all your support and prayers!


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