Dear Babies

Transfer Day - Embryo 1 TTC Infertility IVF Our Plans Have Changed Blog

Transfer Day - Embryo 2 TTC Infertility IVF Our Plans Have Changed Blog


Dear Babies,

Today, I saw you for the first time.  You’re living, growing babies that still aren’t visible with the naked eye but I got to see you.  I feel fortunate because other moms wouldn’t get to see their babies this early.  I feel like we’re all meant to be – both of you, your dad and me.  I was emotional before and after the transfer, but during I was amazed at how science is making this possible for us.  All we need is for the two of you to stick around.  Get really cozy and stay for a while, say 9 more months?

On the drive home, I felt some twinges in my uterus which of course is far too early for you to be making your nests but it’s giving me hope.  Maybe tomorrow you’ll decide to stay, maybe it’ll take you a few days to make up your minds.  So we will wait and let you make your first decisions as our children.  It will hopefully be the first of many times that we need to hang back and let you navigate your way through new territory and watch you persevere.

I’ll get into our hopes and dreams in a later post, but for now just know that we love you, already.  We want you to stay.

Love always,

Mom & Dad


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