A Mother is Born

At what point does one become a mother?  Is it conception, when the heart starts beating, when the baby begins to move, when the baby is viable if delivered or at birth?  Is it something that we always are, even before our children arrive?  Today felt like a pretty significant day and I had no idea it was going to feel like that.  We’ll be 12 weeks along tomorrow and today I had an ultrasound to check for birth defects.  The ultrasound lasted a really long time because they had to take all kinds of measurements on two babies.

I got to spend a lot of time just soaking them in.  Baby A was posing so nicely for all of the measurements and then started to move towards the end.  Baby B was moving pretty wildly the entire time.  Bringing a hand from belly to mouth, belly to mouth and back again.  It was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.  These babies are only 12 weeks along and they look like real babies and they move and they’re hanging out bunk bed style.  Baby B is up on top with their head on the left and Baby A is on bottom with their head on the right.

12 Weeks 244              12 Weeks 245