Let’s play catch-up

Self Portrait Maternity Jan 8 2015 255Well, it’s been 12 weeks since I blogged last….ooops!  I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant, with twins.  I have no real excuse.  I started this blog in hopes to bring awareness to infertility.  It evolved and became somewhat of a piece of hope for others who are trying-to-conceive.  I feel as if I’ve let those people down by not keeping up with it, but I couldn’t shake the feeling of guilt that aside from having to do IVF and the costs and sacrifices that come along with that, this was fairly ‘easy’ for us.  But, I’ve got to get over it.  We’ll talk about that in my next post about New Year’s resolutions.

At 16 weeks, I had an early anatomy scan with the Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor.  Both babies looked really good and were measuring well.  However, we discovered that Baby B’s umbilical cord inserted into the side of their placenta instead of the center, which is called velamentous insertion.  The doctor pushed this off as no big deal, just that we would need to keep an eye on their size because it could cause growth delays/restrictions.  DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT google this.  Google is the devil.  It led me straight to all kinds of horror stories about stillborns if the placenta/cord gets to the cervix before the baby.  My OB assured me at my next appointment that our biggest concern is growth restrictions but that we were more likely to have those restrictions in either baby because they’re twins and just not enough room in my womb than as a direct result of this cord issue.  I felt better.

At about 18 weeks, I started to feel movement (what I think was Baby A but I actually have no clue what I’m talking about).  The movements, kicks and punches have only increased in frequency and intensity.  I think that Baby B sticks their little foot out to stretch out their legs and it pops out of my tummy and stays that way for a good long time…super comfortable for me.

At 20 weeks I had a regular anatomy scan.  Everything looked good.  The babies are so super active that it was hard to get all of the proper measurements but after nearly two hours of ultrasounds we got everything we needed.

At 22 weeks I had an echocardiogram on the babies, which is standard procedure for when you conceive with IVF.  Apparently heart defects are more common in IVF babies.  This was another long scan, and the babies weren’t quite cooperating so it took another two hours, but their hearts look great!

Today, at my 24 week appointment, I was supposed to have the last of my ‘cervix checks’.  However, this pregnancy couldn’t go that smoothly, right?  As soon as the tech began to look at my cervix, I could see that it looked different on the screen from what it has looked like previously.  My cervix has begun to shorten.  It’s still long enough to not be considered ‘critical’.  I’ve been instructed to take it easy and not do anything outside of normal daily activity.  I’m not sure how I can take it easier than I’ve been doing except to scale back the housework I do (sorry hubby) or at least space it out and take lots of breaks.  I’ll be checked again in two weeks to see if there have been any changes.  The doctor did say though that this means my chances of making it to 36-37 weeks are now declining.   We may meet these babies sooner than expected.  I’m hoping not before 35 weeks.  On the plus side, the babies look great.  Baby A is about 1lb 6oz and Baby B is 1lb 9oz.  I’m pretty stoked that Baby B is heavier as that helps calm any of my fears of growth restrictions.

So for now I’ll be relaxing and reading my new baby books and eating oreos.  I’m sorry again for my absence but now you’re all caught up on what’s happening with the babies.  More to come on resolutions and nursery planning soon.



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