It’s too soon babies, too soon!

Hospital 26 6 Jan 29 Collage

Today started out like any other day, I woke up a million times during the night and got my best sleep between 7:30-9:30 am.  I had a follow-up appointment today to check and see if my cervix had continued to shorten or if it was holding steady at 2-2.3.  When the scan began, I saw immediately that not only was my cervix even shorter but now there was funneling (when the cervix begins to open from the inside).  I asked the tech, “Is that funneling?”  She hesitated to respond, since that is really the doctors job, but she finally confirmed that it was.  To cheer me up she started to get some 3D scans of the babies faces, which I wasn’t expecting at all.  The doctor came in a little bit later and told me the bad news, in two weeks my cervix had gone from a 2 to a 1.5.  Which maybe doesn’t seem like a lot but I believe these are measured in centimeters and since it shouldn’t have shortened at all yet, half a centimeter along with funneling is not the best sign.  When pregnant with twins, especially as a first pregnancy, there’s really no way to tell how my body will respond and whether my cervix is just prone to shortening or whether it’s because I’m carrying two babies, or if it means labor is imminent.  She sent me to the hospital to determine if I was showing any real signs of labor, as a precaution.  So naturally we left the office and headed to the McDonald’s drive-thru before heading to the hospital.

3D US Collage

Twin A (on the left), Twin B (on the right)


We valet parked at the hospital and headed up to Labor and Deliver, which we had never been to before because our hospital tour isn’t scheduled until the end of February.  I guess that’s useless now.  They checked me into triage and hooked me up to monitors.  They were monitoring the babies heartbeats which were perfect, and were measuring me to see if I was showing any signs of labor or contractions.  Luckily I wasn’t.  They checked my cervix twice while we were there to make sure there was no change to it from the time I arrived.  The doctors made the decision to administer my first round of steroids to help the babies lungs along, just as a precaution.  I will have to return tomorrow to have the second dose.   If the babies stay in another two weeks after that, we can do a second round of the steroids to help the babies along even more.  They also decided to start me on progesterone as it has shown to be effective in reducing preterm labor for singleton pregnancies, though there’s no data to support it helping with twins, we figured since the side effects are low and I’ve been on progesterone before (for IVF) that it certainly couldn’t hurt.  I’ll be returning to the OB on Monday for another follow up and to the Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor on Thursday for yet another cervix check.  We are hopeful that my body will keep it together.  I’m really hoping to make it to 36 weeks which is the beginning of April, but we shall see!  It is reassuring to know that our hospital has a great NICU and should things get really hairy, being centrally located on the East Coast gives us access to other great hospitals should we or the babies need to be transferred, but hopefully nothing will come of that thought!

After leaving the hospital, my husband took me to Ice Cream World, because he’s the greatest husband ever.  And the best thing happened…they were also selling GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!  On top of ice cream, we also picked up three boxes of cookies.  It was just what I needed to cheer me up.

So that was my day…



8 thoughts on “It’s too soon babies, too soon!

  1. Yumm! Girl scout cookies + ice cream=Perfect day. Glad the babies are okay and you’re not showing any signs of labor yet. Hang in there, babies! Gorgeous little faces, by the way!


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