Showered with Love

So today I’ll share some happy thoughts.  Later this week I’ll update you on how things are going.  Yesterday my mom, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and sister worked together to throw my baby shower (along with the help of many other family members who pitched in).  It was beautiful, yummy and everyone was crazy generous.  Here are some pictures that my sister took.  They went with a black and white theme with gold accents which looked amazing!

Baby Shower 317

Baby Shower 318

Baby Shower 319

Baby Shower 320My mom crocheted these little black and white rain boots to hold the balloons on each table!

Baby Shower 316She also made this cloth diaper/burp cloth cake

Baby Shower 323

Baby Shower 325

Baby Shower 260

This was the most delicious cake.  EVER!  Half Chocolate / Half Vanilla and it had raspberry filling!
Baby Shower 247

Baby Shower 246All parties must have a mimosa bar (even if I can’t indulge)

Baby Shower 252My mom made salad and three types of pasta/sauce.  My aunt made meatballs and sausage and my grandmother made her famous antipasta salad.  Delish!


Baby Shower 253

Baby Shower 296Guests played baby shower bingo

Baby Shower 305I had my feet propped up on an ottoman the entire time.  I wore heels too, but again, I was sitting.

Baby Shower 263We decided to give our moms a little gift to say thank you!

Baby Shower 267Surprise!  It’s the gender of the babies.  Who doesn’t love confetti??  I made that blue confetti years ago for our engagement shoot and made some pink especially for yesterday.

Baby Shower 327So now you know our exciting news.  Baby A is a BOY and Baby B is a GIRL!

We are so grateful to everyone who came out to celebrate and especially for everyone’s generosity.  We are just about fully stocked up on all baby essentials now.  Kyle is putting together things like a mad man and I’m just about ready to tackle the rest of the nursery by putting things in their place – which I’m guessing is the last time it will ever be organized.