What to do when your babies stop sleeping through the night


photo by Caroline Snider at wanderings.com

What do you do when you’re formerly amazing sleepers start waking up crying multiple times during the night?  Just follow these three easy steps!

  1.  Assess your routine – something must have changed.  Different bed time?  Less bottles?  More solid food?  Morning bath vs. evening bath?  Oh…nothing has changed?  Not. a. thing?  Well then, move right along to step number 2.
  2. Cry – the babies will be crying and so will you.  Remember when you felt rested in the morning?  Try not to because you will not be feeling that way anymore.  Those days are over.
  3. Try all the things you said you’d never do, find a crutch, whatever it takes.

So the twins have been great sleepers from the very beginning.  We had even gotten up to 12 hours between feeds, so maybe 10-11 hours of sleep straight.  But all of the sudden over this last week, one or both of them are waking up at least once during the night crying.  Maybe it’s teething, maybe they need more activity during the day.  I’m not sure what it is.  One of the not so awesome things about having twins is that they share a room, so when one of them wakes up in the quiet of the night and starts screaming their tiny little head off, it scares the crap out of the other one which in turn causes the second baby to scream their little head off too.  Fun, right?  We can usually get them back to sleep in a few short minutes so I’m thankful for that, but what gives?

A few things have changed in our routine, the AC has been shut down and now either use windows to bring in some air or have the heat on during those chilly nights.  The babies room has been a bit cooler, so we put onesies and socks on them underneath their pajamas.  We bought baltic amber teething necklaces which we put on the babies during the day, but it’s recommended to take them off at night.  So maybe it’s random teething pain in the night?  I’ve started using our baby shusher to help soothe them back to sleep, though I didn’t want to use that as a crutch at night, but here I am, using it for more than just nap time.

We have AngelCare monitors for under the babies mattresses that will alert us if there is no movement, including breathing.  So last night I left their necklaces on.  Porter took a little bit to fall asleep but Winter has always been really good about putting herself to sleep.  In the middle of the night, Winter woke up screaming.  I went in and tried to soothe her without picking her up, but that didn’t work.  I turned on the shusher and gave her a swaddle blanket and she went right out.  So now I’m that mom who is breaking all the rules by giving her babies a blanket, leaving on their necklaces and using the shusher whenever I can’t get them to sleep on their own.  Go ahead, you can judge me now.  But hopefully tonight the sleep through the night.

Here’s to hoping things are back to normal soon.


4 thoughts on “What to do when your babies stop sleeping through the night

  1. Mine started waking up in the middle of the night as well this week!!!! What temperature do you keep their room at? When the AC was on it was 75 in their room and now it’s more like 70-72. Mine wake up and take a bottle but still. I’m also up to pump and it’s nice to have company and all…but I’d like to go back to sleep right away! Good luck and I hope it passes soon!


  2. Yeah we are past that middle of the night feed. I just have to get them back to sleep. I’m not sure if they’re being startled awake or what. Our monitor said it was between 77-79 before (though I’m not sure how accurate that really is) and now it says between 72-76 usually. Good luck to you too!!!


  3. Good luck! My twins are 4 weeks old, so it’s a bit hard to sympathize with your situation right now. Lol, but I hope you can get back to them sleeping straight through! 😉


  4. Hahaha! Congratulations on your twins!! I know it probably seems crazy and overwhelming at time but it really is the best and you will survive the exhaustion and eventually they’ll sleep through the night and then eventually they’ll stop and you’ll be right where I am!


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