Porter passed his fast!  What that should mean is that he’s cured, because it’s called a ‘cure fast’, but here’s what happened.


We arrived at 1:30 pm.  We were placed in a room with a teenage boy.  WHO THE HECK PLANNED THIS CRAP?  No one.  That’s who.  Anywho, I was then told I was not allowed to use the restroom that was in our room because the other patient was using it already.  I was also told I wasn’t allowed to leave Porter…so…hold it??  I got up twice in the middle of the night to sneak out and use the public restroom and just crossed my fingers that he didn’t wake up and start screaming while I was gone.  We also used our Happy Baby wrap and pulled the IV pole and I got to use the bathroom that way.  Fun fact:  Porter is afraid of the sound of a flushing toilet.

The fast didn’t start until 8:30pm.  Super glad I had to be there 7 hours early.  So I fed Porter twice and the fast started with his 8:30 bottle.  He slept through the night, only waking up with a few little cries around 3am, but went right back out when I gave him a binky.   His sugars were checked every 3 hours until it dropped below 70, then every 1 hour until it dropped below 60 and every half hour once it went below 50.  He stayed above 80 for 12 hours, by the time we got to his 15 hour check, his sugars dropped into the 60’s.  It was a pretty quick dropoff from there on out.  On one hand, we were glad that his sugars dropped because we were able to do a bunch of lab work to give us a better idea of what happens.  On the downside, we wish that he could’ve maintained his sugar levels for 24 hours, not 12-15.  Once we confirmed through bloodwork that his sugars went below 50 (and his ketones were above 3, twice in a row).  The fast was over.  It was at about the 18 hour mark.  The best news was that his ketones went up.  The way it was explained to me is that ketones are acids produced when your body begins to break down fats in order to raise blood sugar levels.  A baby that was still suffering from hyperinsulinism wouldn’t produce ketones because their body would never start to break down the fats.  So this means that he ‘passed’ his fast.  His body is starting to do what it’s supposed to, but isn’t yet able to maintain sugar levels for long periods of time.

His new, temporary, diagnosis is ketonic hypoglycemia.  That just means his ketones rise too high when his sugars drop too low.  We will have a follow-up in 4-6 weeks and should not have to do another fast.  We will still be checking his sugars in the morning, but that’s it.  After this appointment we may get the all clear.  However, this morning his sugar was in the 60’s, the bottom of the normal range is 70.  So what the heck?!  It, of course came right back up after eating.  The doctor in the hospital said he would really only check his sugars if we thought something was off or if Porter was sick.  If we went by his method, we wouldn’t have know his sugars were in the 60’s this morning, so no big deal, right?



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