7 Months

How is it possible that my babies are already 7 months old?  Closer to being 1 than to being born.  INSANE.  This is such a fun age.  Their laughter is contagious, they’re both sitting up (sometimes) by themselves.  They’re eating purees of vegetables which is pretty entertaining.

This is the start to my favorite 6 months of the year.  Fall and Winter just make me happy.  We took the twins to an Apple Orchard/Pumpkin Patch on their 7 month b-day.  We did a little photoshoot but never made it over to the pumpkin side before the skies opened up and it began raining.  Slowly at first, just enough time for us to make it to cover, and then a downpour!  The babies were in pretty good spirits about it.

I’m really glad to be able to make these memories and start traditions with the babies.  I don’t venture out with them often, aside from doctors appointments.  It’s just better to keep them away from as many germs as possible. Even though they look big, they’re still my little preemies.  Doctors recommend being really vigilant with germs for the first year.

AppleOrchard7Monthsedited 5279

AppleOrchard7Monthsedited 5202

AppleOrchard7Monthsedited 5201

AppleOrchard7Monthsedited 5256

AppleOrchard7Monthsedited 5249

AppleOrchard7Monthsedited 5243

AppleOrchard7Monthsedited 5225

AppleOrchard7Monthsedited 5219

AppleOrchard7Monthsedited 5217

AppleOrchard7Monthsedited 5211

AppleOrchard7Monthsedited 5210

AppleOrchard7Monthsedited 5205

AppleOrchard7Monthsedited 5193

AppleOrchard7Monthsedited 5190

AppleOrchard7Monthsedited 5188

AppleOrchard7Monthsedited 5187

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