It’s That Time of Year

It’s officially the time of year where parents of preemies become hermits.  Cold and flu season is beginning which means our trips out into the big, wide world are ending.  We’ll be turning down Halloween parties, thanksgiving get-togethers, Christmas festivities and New Year’s parties to keep our babies safe.  Where ‘normal’ parents might still be concerned, though not enough to stay away.  Preemie parents know the dangers that lurk.  A party looks like one of those Clorox commercials with germs squirming on every surface.

Our babies were born 7 weeks early.  In that last 7 weeks of pregnancy a babies immune system does a lot of developing.  The twins missed out on that.  Their immune systems are weaker. They don’t have the ability to fight off infection and bacteria like other children.  Their bodies may not even be able to recognize when there’s an infection or virus happening to attempt to fight it.  How scary is that?

With Porter’s blood sugar issues, should he get sick we could be in real trouble.  If his body tries to fight infection, it probably wouldn’t be able to also focus on maintaining blood sugar levels.  We would need to check his sugars frequently and if we could not get food or nutrients in him to keep his sugars stable, he would need to immediately be taken to the ER.

So, you see, it’s not that we don’t want to see you and celebrate with you.  It’s just that our babies are far more important than having a few festive cocktails.  I hope you can understand.  I hope you truly get that we’re not being crazy, over protective parents.  We’re being diligent.  We’re taking the recommendations of all our NICU doctors to heart, after all these faces are worth it.

PWOctober 5709



4 thoughts on “It’s That Time of Year

  1. We already had a trip to the ER with Enzo. No fun…and it’s only October! Let’s hope this is the only sickness that comes through…but then we have the issue of daycare and sick kids. NOOOO!!!! Healthy thoughts for everyone!


  2. Yes! Hubby and I just decided that we will be skipping family holiday festivities this year. I see it as a great opportunity to start our own traditions! Family is welcome in our home where I can closely monitor hand washing! 😉


    1. I agree it’ll wonderful to start our own traditions. Though I’m a little nervous that I’m going to like low-key holidays so much that next year I won’t want to go anywhere either! Haha.


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