If Babies Planned Their Own Parties


I’m starting (who am I kidding, I’ve been doing this for months and months) to pin ideas for the babies first birthday party.  My husband wants to do the big, traditional, invite everyone, first birthday for the twins.  I would prefer not to do that since they’re not going to remember it but I like to plan things so I’ll go with it.  I’ve been noticing on social media and blogs that kids’ birthday parties are getting out.of.control!  Gone are the days of just cake and ice cream in the backyard.  Parties now have budgets for floral arrangements and custom made crowns for each child in attendance.  This got me to thinking…if my babies could plan their own party, what would it look like?  Here’s what I think they’d want:

  1. I’d have to call Lowe’s and convince them to set up party tables in the ceiling fan aisle because CEILING FANS!
  2. We’d serve oatmeal with fruit mixed in.  Probably mangoes.  And puffs.
  3. There would be a few different ‘fun’ stations set up.
    1. One with paper, lots of paper.  Either to rip or to eat (aka choke on).  Whatever floats your boat.
    2. One where there are plenty of dogs to lick your face and clean out your mouth.
  4. Favors would be maracas.  A maraca for me, a maraca for you, a maraca for everyone. Have you ever shaken a maraca?  So.much.fun.

And that would be that.  Party of a lifetime, right?

In all seriousness, I’m struggling with this party thing.  I’d love invitations that look really nice, maybe letterpressed or foil printed, but on the other hand I’m thinking ‘find some free printable, fill-in invites and write that shit out yourself’.  I’m brainstorming photo backdrop ideas for a little mock photo booth area and looking for the perfect outfits for the babes and trying to find the perfect candles and balloons, but they’re not going to remember any of this. So I shouldn’t bother, right?

I’d like to get each baby their own piggy bank for their birthday and then open investment accounts for each of them.  I want to teach them about fiscal responsibility because I wish someone had taught me just how important it is.  I want to teach them to live within their means and always have savings and to never carry a balance on their credit cards.  So what kind of example would I be setting if I spent an outrageous amount on their birthday party?

So will you join us at Lowe’s for P&W’s first birthday?  (kidding….kind of)


6 thoughts on “If Babies Planned Their Own Parties

  1. I’m somewhat torn with my babies first birthday party too (only 4 months away!). I think I want to throw the big ordeal for me but to have pictures for them to see when they are older. We are doing a chemistry themed party of course because my husband is a chemist. Total nerd party and I can’t wait. I’m going to try and do a lot of DIY because that is how I roll…after #1 though we are doing pizza and cake with family (maybe just the 4 of us) and that is it!


  2. Jen – I’m a HUGE fan of the nerd theme! Do you guys have the periodic table blocks from Uncommongoods? If not, you should totally get them. They’d be a super cute addition to the nursery and make cute party decor! I am going back and forth on theme. I thought bunnies but then I’m thinking no real theme just picking a few colors that look nice together. I thought about a copper sort of theme and asking everyone to bring a penny for each babe to put in their piggy banks. We are going to wait until May to throw our party so we can be outside so the actual first birthday should be just us and pretty quiet. Also, now I want pizza since you mentioned it, haha!


  3. Yes to the ceiling fans! Our party would also have dead leaves (so crunchy and delicious!), possibly some socks for snacks (on or off feet is fine). And the random book “Dinosaur Roar” because for whatever reason they will all stop what they are doing to listen to that. My babies’ birthday will be at the end of the flu season so I think I’ll make it their “coming out” party where people can meet them since most of my friends haven’t.


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