Where’d The Time Go?

Last month, the babes celebrated their first birthday.  THEIR FIRST BIRTHDAY!!  I can’t believe how quickly the time went by yet how it feels like I’ve known them forever at the same time.  I can’t remember my life without them.  Their party isn’t until next month, so we celebrated quietly at home, with balloons and cheesecake.  We almost forgot to give them their gifts.  Go ahead, nominate me for mom of the year.  I know you want to.  Ha!

FirstBirthdayPost 10375

FirstBirthdayPost 10376

FirstBirthdayPost 10377

FirstBirthdayPost 10378

FirstBirthdayPost 10379

FirstBirthdayPost 10380

FirstBirthdayPost 10381

FirstBirthdayPost 10382

Porter was more obsessed with the balloon than the cake, but he was a fan of both!  Winter mostly just wanted to smash her cake.  It was pretty adorable to watch, as I’m sure all first birthday cake smashes are!

Sources:  Highchairs $20 at IKEA   |   Striped Playmat from Gathre   |   #1 Balloons from GlamFete   |   Happy Birthday candles by Meri Meri from Craftsy



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