A Room for Winter & a DIY

We have recently decided we’d like to separate the twins.  They sometimes wake each other up, or keep each other up.  And basically I wanted a reason to decorate a girly room.  So I started going through my old nursery Pinterest board for inspiration.  I saw this pin of Emily Henderson’s nursery and fell in love with the embroidered ‘X’ and ‘O’ she has hanging.  I can’t afford hundreds of dollars though, so I made a DIY version, sort of.

WintersRoom 1


  • Rose Gold wrapping paper from Home Goods $2.99 or $3.99, I can’t remember
  • 2 IKEA Ribba Frames (19 3/4 x 19 3/4) $14.99 each
  • 2 pieces card stock from Hobby Lobby $3.49 each
  • Pencil, Scissors, String, Spray Adhesive


  1. Measured and cut 4 rectangles that were 12″ long and 3″ wide to make my ‘X’
  2. Marked the halfway mark on one end of each rectangle (1 1/2″) to make my point, then marked 1 1/2″ up both sides to draw my diagonal lines, cut them out
  3. Found the center point of my card stock and marked it
  4. Sprayed the back of the wrapping paper with spray adhesive
  5. Placed the pieces so the points all met at the mark on the center of my card stock
  6. Attached a string to a pencil, cut at 9″ to make the outer portion of my circle (9″ string makes an 18″ diameter circle)
  7. Cut the string down to 6″ to make the inner portion of my circle, to keep it the same thickness as the ‘X’.  Cut out circle, used spray adhesive and eyeballed placing it on the second piece of card stock.
  8. Popped into the IKEA frames and hung them on the wall.


WintersRoom 2WintersRoom 3WintersRoom 4

For the rest of the room I knew I wanted the palette a bit more muted than I had done in the first nursery but with touches of purples and peaches.  We aren’t finished yet, but we put some things together that I’m really excited about.  A while ago, we had a dresser that was given to us that I had Kyle paint mustard yellow. It turned out awful – it was my fault.  This gave us the opportunity to redo it.  It’s now a barely-there purple shade called Blissful by Behr – which Winter picked out at Home Depot.  I know what you’re thinking, “How could a 1 year old pick out paint colors?” but I picked up 3 swatches and held them up to her and she picked this one, twice.  I found cute rose knobs at Home Goods.  I went to IKEA and scored curtains and picture frames for cheap.

WintersRoom 6WintersRoom 5WintersRoom 8

We haven’t moved Winter into her new room just yet as it still smells like paint.  My husband just went and gave it a fresh coat of whatever white paint(s) we had in the basement.  We also did a DIY of the daybed that I used as a girl and spray painted it purple.  That still needs another coat before it can be moved into the room.  The last piece will be bringing her crib in and finding the right spot to hang the monitor camera.  I’m hoping the transition won’t be too difficult for her.  She really loves her room right now and smiles every time we walk in.  To try and ease the transition, we aren’t changing her crib and we hung the same Parisian door pictures above where her crib will go in her new room.  If you have any advice on separating twins, or moving babies into new rooms, please feel free to share!

Wrapping Paper from Home Goods, similar here | Frames from IKEA | Glider from RH Baby & Child (we got it at an outlet for a steal with no slipcover) | Lacy/Fancy Photo Frames from IKEA | Wooden Hook from Home Goods | Wall Clock from IKEA | Floor Lamp from Target | Rose Knobs from Home Goods | Blocks and Dresser were a DIY | Crocheted Bunny by Winter’s grandmother



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