We Hit the Jackpot

Tomorrow is Father’s Day.  Instead of my husband getting to spend the day doing what he wants, or just hanging out with the kids, he’s taking me away overnight to celebrate my upcoming birthday.  To say my kids hit the baby daddy jackpot, is an understatement.  This man is so selfless and so devoted to me and our children.  He works a hard job, with sometimes long hours and a long commute.  He comes home, takes care of the babies, makes dinner, cleans, does the dishes, helps me bathe the babes and put them to bed.  There’s nothing he won’t do for us.

We wanted to show him just how much we appreciate him.  So here are a few reasons why Porter & Winter love their dada:

MothersDay2016 50MothersDay2016 55MothersDay2016 57

You love to cuddle.  You let us eat your nose and pinch your face.

vday11months 10148vday11months 10153

You can hold us both at the same time, and make us smile.

P&W VFP edited 81078MonthsPumpkins 348MonthsPumpkins 47

You hold us up when we start to fall.  You help us keep our mittens on.

AppleOrchard7Monthsedited 5194AppleOrchard7Monthsedited 5212

You know how to babywear and multi-task.  You show us healthy food options.

PortersFirstHaircut3.23.16 10092

You take away our tears and put an end to our troubles (even if it is just a pair of scissors cutting our hair).

FirstBirthdayParty 15

You let us eat cake and get messy.

Porter 256 260

You literally held our whole damn heads in your hand, even though it was scary.

There’s so many more things we could say, but we hope this will do.  Happy Father’s Day, Dada!  From Porter & Winter, to you.




Party Time

We held the babies’ birthday party last month.  Our plan was to have the party outside, since we held off until having it until May, but even the best laid plans [FAIL]…  It was cold, windy and went from being sunny one minute to hailing, yes, HAILing the next.  Luckily, my parents have a large, new, pole barn garage and we were able to set up in there.  It wasn’t the ‘picture perfect’ pinterest worthy birthday I would have liked, but it did the trick.

I did a lot of crafting.  I designed and printed their invites myself.  I designed the thank you cards.  I made tissue paper tassel garland (and only just took pictures of that today with their invites).  I made bunny busts, fringe letters and made ‘ONE’ picture collages out of my Artifact Uprising prints.

We had a ton of people, a million pounds of pulled pork (seriously, 5 crock pots worth and we didn’t even finish 1) donut holes and store bought cake for the babes, because by the time this party came around I had zero F’s left to give.

The babes had fun, and that’s all that mattered.  I have no photos of them in their birthday outfits and only a few fuzzy photos of the party itself.

BdayParty 1BdayParty 2BdayParty 2 (1)BdayParty 3BdayParty 8BdayParty 4BdayParty 7BdayParty 1 (1)


photos on invitations by Laura Olivia Photography and Kristin Menzen Photography