A Book Review: Breeding in Captivity

In the most recent issue of Real Simple (August 2014), they ask their readers what book keeps them positive.  The first answer was someone suggesting Stacy Bolts’ Breeding in Captivity, a memoir about Stacy’s struggles with infertility.  I decided to give it a shot, I could use something up-lifting.

Breeding in Captivity

What I ended up with was a headache from crying so much.  The book is witty and funny and altogether heartbreaking.  Perhaps it has a happy ending, perhaps it doesn’t (no real spoilers here).  I just don’t see how this Real Simple reader could read this and feel positive afterwards.  Infertility is so difficult to handle and the obstacles that are thrown at us throughout the process make us want to quit and never give up at the same time, if that makes any sense at all.  Stacy did a wonderful job of being real about the entire process – the ridiculous acronyms, the equipment, all of it.  It just didn’t leave me feeling all warm and fuzzy, it left me feeling really, really sad.  Overall it’s an easy read, a book that anyone going through infertility or adoption can relate to.  It was a quick book, taking me only 2 sittings to finish.  I would recommend the book, but maybe wait until you have your happy ending before reading it so as not to bum you out even more. On another note, tomorrow is our Pre-IVF appointment.  I’m anxious, nervous and confused with all these consents and all the procedures.  We’re hoping we can get our questions answered and make an informed decision.